IRATA Training


The following outlines the requirements for candidates as per the IRATA TACS.

The industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) is established as the world’s leading authority on industrial rope access. The association’s aim is the promotion and development of safe working systems and the support of its member companies and technicians to ensure that they work in a safe and effective manner. More details on IRATA can be found at:


If you are a new trainee (entry level), no prior industry experience is required. However, as a general guide, applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age, possess suitable aptitude and attitude for working at heights, be physically fit and free from any medical condition or disability that may prevent them from working safely. You will need to do a minimum of 4 days training prior to your assessment.

If you are revalidating at your current level, you must undergo a minimum of 4 days training prior to assessment.  This may be undertaken up to 6 months before your certificate lapses with no loss of time on your validation period.

If you are seeking to upgrade (i.e. progress from your current level to a higher level) you must have a minimum of 12 months and 1000 hours logged and signed off by an IRATA supervisor at your current level to be eligible. Persons seeking to upgrade must undergo a minimum of 4 days training prior to assessment and must turn up with their log book completed up to date.

There are new requirements for those operators that have let their competencies lapse. Information can be found on the IRATA website.

Course Materials

All equipment and course materials will be provided. You will need to wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear (we recommend lace up shoes/boots). Current IRATA technicians are required to bring their log book to the course.


All courses are run by a Level 3 instructor with a wealth of current industry experience. Hours of training are varied depending on group requirements but generally will run between the hours of 08:00-16:00 each day.


Participants will be assessed in both written and practical aspects. Assessment will take place on the day following completion of all training as per IRATA TACS requirements. An independent IRATA Assessor will undertake all assessment. Details regarding the assessment process will be provided with course materials at the commencement of training.


Full course costs are posted on the PRICES page.  To guarantee a place on the course you will need to pay a £60.00 deposit and the full amount prior to the assessment day.  A receipt will be provided on payment completion.  Payment can be made by card or cash during the training week or via the

PayPal link.

Training Guarantee

All candidates accepted onto a course will, in the event of a failure be provided additional free training to a maximum of one additional week and be charged only for the assessment at cost.


In the event that you cancel then the following applies:

More than 14 days before the course commencement: Full refund

Less than 14 days before the course commencement: No refund but course date may be changed

In the event that a course is cancelled, then all fees will be refunded in full or at your request be credited against another course.

Course Fees

Course fee balance will be collected in full before the commencement of assessment. Course fees will not normally be refunded after the commencement of training.


Upon successful completion of your assessment, you will be presented with an IRATA form (copy of your assessment sheet) which can be used as proof of competence if you need to work immediately.  This document is valid for 60 days.  Your details will then be logged with IRATA and within the 60 days you will receive a ID card and a certificate that is valid for 3 years as well as a logbook (new candidates).